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Boat trip to Skellig Michael | Carraig Liath House


Boat trip to Skellig Michael | Carraig Liath House

Boat trip to Skellig Michael

There is no denying but if you are on the Wild Atlantic way or the ring of Kerry you cannot pass the opportunity to visit the Skellig islands. That is one of the many reasons people come here to Portmagee, to visit Skellig Michael. Portmagee is a hive of activity in the morning as the boats prepare to set off to the wonderful Skellig Islands.

Skellig Islands

There are two awe inspiring rocks out there standing like two proud brothers protecting the south Kerry coastline. The rocks are 12 km from the mainland. Skellig Michael is a Unesco World heritage site. Skellig Michael received this accolade in 1996. It was once a Monastic settlement which was believed to be developed in the 6th century. However the monks vacated in the 13th century for more information click on Skellig Michael: The small skelligs is determined not to be out done by his taller brother. The small Skelligs is world famous itself. It is one of the most spectacular Islands in the world to view various bird species, but it’s famous for one in particular, as it is the second biggest colony of Gannets in the world. It is estimated that there are over 27000 pairs.

Skellig Michael boat trip

We here at Carraig Liath House bed and breakfast can organise boat trips to the skelligs for you. The boats leave the pontoon at Portmagee approximately at 10:30 am. The boat trip takes approximately 1 hr. When you land on Skellig Michael, you start your climb up the rock via 700 steps and you will reach the settlement that is preserved to an extremely high standard. You will see the amazing beehive huts. This climb is not for the faint hearted and one would want to have a good head for height.  You will have a few hours at your leisure on the great rock and return to Portmagee at 4. There are many boats that land on the Skelligs, all excellent but we would like to take this opportunity to recommend a good friend of ours Seanie Murphy’s boat the Sea Quest.

Boat trips around Skellig Michael

Now some of you may not be able to climb the rock for whatever reason young families, age, disability or time constraints etc. So this where our good friend at Skellig Michael Cruises the Devanes come in .They run two trips around both Islands daily at 10:30 and 1:30. Skellig Michael Cruises departs also from the marina at Portmagee. Their boat trip to Skellig Michael takes 2.5 hours approximately.

Boat Trip to Skellig Michael

Now that you have more information on a boat trip to Skellig Michael and you have options. Do not hesitate to book your accommodation and your trip to the Skelligs with us here at Carraig Liath house your ideal Bed and breakfast for Valentia and Portmagee.

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