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Valentia Island Accommodation |Carraig Liath House

Valentia Island Accommodation

Valentia Island Accommodation |Carraig Liath House

Valentia Island Accommodation

You have decided to come to Valentia Island for your holidays. Or maybe you have decided to drive the Wild Atlantic Way, and of course Valentia Island is on the route. Or maybe it’s the Skellig Rocks or a fishing trip that lures you to the island. You will need to allow two or three days here to explore Valentia Island and the great Skellig Michael. Also you will need accommodation on the island and that is where we at Carraig Liath house bed and breakfast come in.

In the next paragraphs let me highlight the following:

  • Carraig Liath House Valentia Island Accommodation
  • Valentia Island
  • Portmagee
  • Skellig Michael

Carraig Liath House Valentia Island Accommodation

Carraig Liath House is your perfect choice when looking for accommodation on Valentia Island. Carraig Liath is perfectly located to explore Valentia and beyond. We are located on the Island just  at the top of  the famous Maurice o Neill memorial bridge on the other side from the beautiful fishing village of Portmagee.  Carraig Liath House is a purpose built Bed and breakfast serving Valentia Island and Portmagee area. For further information on our house please click on Valentia Island Accommodation.

Valentia Island

Valentia itself is one of the most famous and beautiful Islands in Ireland, attached to the main land by the Maurice O’Neill bridge. The Island itself is approximately seven miles long and over 3 miles wide.  Valentia has loads to do and see: The site of the Transatlantic Cable at foilhammerum just a short stroll over the road from Carraig Liath House. We also have the Tetra Pod on the island which has huge importance with respect to evolution.  You have the lighthouse, Bray tower,Geokaun Mountain the slate Quarry and the Skellig experience centre which is just across the road from our B&B. To see all the different activities we have in Valentia please click here on Things to do on Valentia Island.


Portmagee is located less that five minute walk over the bridge from Carraig Liath House. The village itself is picture perfect and was awarded in 2012 the top tourist town in Ireland. A highly prestigious award indeed and gives you an indication of Portmagee itself. There are two great pubs and an awarded winning restaurant and many cafes and a shop and a takeaway. So loads of options for you to eat and drink in Portmagee. Portmagee itself is possibly the gate way to the great Skellig Islands as Thousands of people flock there during the summer months especially.

Skellig  Rocks

Quite simply the Skellig Islands have to be on your bucket list and you will to book  a cruise. We here at Carraig Liath house can book it for you but ring us in advance. The island quite simply are amazing and the bigger of the two is Skellig Michael posses an old Monastic settlement which is in fantastic condition to this day. The rock itself was named an UNESCO world heritage site in 1996. Thousands of people climb the great rock every year while others are unable to climb but they can still take a cruise with our good friends in Portmagee at Skellig Michaael Cruises.  The small Skelligs is equally as famous as it’s big brother as it is a haven for various species of birds.  The Small Skelligs is actually the second biggest colony of Gannets in the world with 27,000 pairs on the rock. The rock itself at the top looks white as there are so many gannets perched there: This is quite simply as must do guys and is consider the highlight of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Valentia Island Accommodation

So as I hope you have seen from above through our video and our linked posts, there are loads to do and see on the Island of Valentia. Also I hope you have seen that Carraig Liath House is the answer to your accommodation requirements while visiting Valentia Island of Portmagee.

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